About Us

Nexteck is a software product company promoted by Denova Glosoft Limited - DGL, who have been developing software for over 10 years for domains like health, retail, education and finance. DGL have business operations in India, Middle East (Qatar) and USA.

The unique name of our company, NexTecK stands for Next Generation Technologies and K is for Knowledge. The name itself proves our commitment to serve our clients with latest technologies and knowledge that the new generation has been flourished with.NextecK is developed by experienced domain experts and IT professionals who were having huge experience in the education system, retail, health and IT sector respectively.

We have perfected QA processes at the right time for all the product serving to customer, using the right resources. Our lengthy and extensive track record has equipped us with the ability to provide rapid, cost-effective solutions that blend seamlessly with the product and business strategy, infrastructure analysis, architecture, UI design, rapid development, functional QA, or QA automation

Smart-EDU - A unique student development process

Smart Edu is a unique product introduced by Nexteck, this product is the outcome of 10 years of studies in India and abroad with the aim of making the primary education system closer to the physical, mental, nutritional and motivational growth of children. During our study we found that some questions remained un-answered

1. How important is your child’s health for better education?

2. How important is the emotional and mental growth of your child?

3. How important is the diet plan of your child?

4. How important is motivation for your child’s growth?

5. How important is a stress free environment for your child’s growth?

6. We look at share market statistics, have we ever thought of our child’s growth statistics?

Smart Edu is a unique product that is a combination of software applications and services. The product is a combination of a web and an android mobile application which helps parents track their child’s school activity and progress from anywhere. Parents can track their child’s school schedule and time table, class work, home work, exam schedule, report cards, health check reports, diet recommendations and counseling feedback. Timely counseling feedback allows parents help their child by bringing to light various factors that could be affecting their child’s performance and motivation in school.

Services associated with Smart Edu will provide monthly visits by a Doctor, Dietician, Councilor and Motivator. Hence every week either one of them will visit school. These are well experienced, qualified professionals from reputed hospitals. Their activities are in turn monitored by senior experts in their fields from their respective organisations. If our contributors find any problem he/she will escalate to their seniors and free consultation will be provided by the senior experts to guide you with their recommendation for necessary action or treatment.

MySuperCart - A Unique
E-Commerce Platform

MySuperCart is a unique platform for mid and small business to sell the product online using dedicated Mobile application, It supports both Android and IOS plotform to reach maximum people.

our target is to make customer Healthy and Smart at an affordable price with fast delivery and better quality. You can shop from local Super Markets, Mobile Shops, Electronics Shops, GYM, Aerobics, SPA, Beauty Parlor and Men Saloon, etc... This is real smart way of Shopping.

All the Business Partners of MySupercart can sell their product online using our provided online platform, For that they don't have to pay any commision, profit sharing or any kind of charges on the sales or service. Following are the few heighlights

1. Create and promote your business online

2. Create product online

3. Manage online Inventory

4. Start online Sales

nModes - Find prospects that are ready to buy. Convert them into customers.

DATA SCIENCE - Our proprietary solution finds your target customers in real-time. We do it more accurately than others. Way more accurately.The solution understands the meaning of what your customers say and produces reliable data on consumer habits, social intent, shopping behaviour, conversation aggregation and trends, activity patterns.

SOCIAL STRATEGY - nmodes social media team helps your business create competitive social strategy and achieve sustainable business growth. We identify and categorize conversations, find the right prospects and define social selling channels. We increase sales by connecting your business with your target audience.

SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT - nmodes enables your business to be in front of the opportunity at the right time by engaging prospects, converting leads into sales, providing customer service while it matters. We combine years of experience in analyzing data with expertise in monetizing it.

Nexteck - Our Leaders

Mr.Zafar Faridi
Guiding the DGL company through a decades of diversification and growth. With over 20+ years of experience in the field of Sales and marketing for print media, insurance and IT. Serving as CEO for Denova Glosoft Limited and Dianzi Enterprises.

Chief Executive Officer, Ex-Banker
Trainer and Social worker
With over 30+ years of experience in a leading public sector bank, including 15-years of independent assignments in building and scaling many branches and businesses successfully. His track record highlights his customer centric approach, passion for excellence and meticulous execution. He has proven to be a transformational leader and has been instrumental in turning around the various businesses that he has spearheaded.

Mr.Anand JD
AVP – Sales & Marketing
IT Professional – With 24+ years of all round experience in the IT products and services market, he has successfully handled new software product launches. He has helped companies with market entry and and expansion into new territories in India and abroad. His close interaction with clients and keen analytical mind has helped him give valuable feedback and suggestions to evolve, strengthen and refine the products.

Mr.Mohammad Ahsan
Business Architect & Enterprise Architect
IT Professional - having 18+ years of experience in IT consulting, worked for many top MNCs and fortune 500 companies. He has a passion for technology and a vision to put IT to work for the all round development of reail, health and education system. He is the main driving force behind Nexteck.

Mr.Pradeep Hiranandani
Vice President - Sales & Marketing
An effective communicator and excellent leader with close to 4 decades of rich & qualitative experience in Brand Launching, Marketing, Retail Marketing, Merchandising, Production Operations, Materials Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Development & Financial Management. Well versed and resourceful in networking with overseas & domestic customers. Have in depth knowledge of production fundamentals and other production related areas..

Mr.Saeesh Nayak
Product Strategy Specialist
An effective guide and individual performer with close to 10 years of rich & qualitative experience in Marketing, Retail Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Business Development.

Advisor & Guide
Banker, Trainer and Social worker - having experience of over 40 years in managing branch and region for a big nationalized bank in India.

Agile software development process in NexTeck.

In NextecK we work very domain centric and develop application with very standard process to give you better deliverable, Which Suits your need and solve your problems. We use Agile methodology as our development process where every phase of the development plays an importent role and provide you a world class software product. Agile SDLC evolved out of these experiences in the real-time project development by some of the software development protagonists. Agile methodologies propose to develop software through iterative approach. The entire SDLC is followed in incremental way by dividing the SDLC into cadences of work. At the end of each cadence or iteration the teams deliver a shippable piece of incremental work to the customer. This process leaves enough scope to keep requirements gathering a continuous process and helps the stakeholders determine the course of the software being developed. Unlike the traditional software development approach, in Agile the teams revisit the complete SDLC as a result of providing iterative incremental work that is shippable at the end of every iterative piece.

Nexteck - Data Security

Data security in NextecK consists of the provisions and policies adopted by a network administrator to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources.

NextecK security involves the authorization of access to data in a network, which is controlled by the network administrator. Users choose or are assigned an ID and password or other authenticating information that allows them access to information and programs within their authority.

NextecK security covers a variety of computer networks, both public and private, that are used in everyday jobs conducting transactions and communications among businesses, government agencies and individuals. Networks can be private, such as within a company, and others which might be open to public access. NextecK security is involved in organizations, enterprises, and other types of institutions. It does as its title explains: It secures the network, as well as protecting and overseeing operations being done. The most common and simple way of protecting a network resource is by assigning it a unique name and a corresponding password.

Nexteck - Career Opportunities

Nexteck is committed in providing a work environment and culture to attract and retain the best talent. Great care is taken to recruit the best associates because we believe that our strength lies in our associates.

1. Project Manager
Project Managers Lead a small team of Project Managers to deliver globally relevant Product, Solution, Process and System projects. Evolve the way we manage projects.

2. Asp.Net Developer (ASP.net, C#, Ajax, Entity Framework, MVC pattern)
The .NET Developer is responsible for the design and implementation of a variety of software solutions utilizing .NET development. The incumbent will collaborate and contribute on all stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process building/delivering enterprise solutions.

3. Marketing Manager
Analyzes and defines customer need, potential market segments, potential customers, and the competitive environment to develop a plan for new product introduction. Estimates market value of products and issues not being addressed by current product providers. Creates and presents business case to corporate executive team to make decision on entry into a specific marketing segment.

4. Sales representative

5. Tele Sales Lead

6. Tele Sales representatives

7. Customer Care Representatives