Happy Family

Happy Family is a unique product introduced by Nexteck, this product is the outcome of 10 years of studies in India and abroad in the field of making medical system and counselling closure to the people.

Monthly Doctor visit like General physican, Physiotherapist, Dentist, Gynacologist to solve and track all your health problems.
• Biometrics Screening using state of the art Tele-health solutions
• Wellness Coaching
• Health Risk Assessments (HRA)
• Management Programs
• Daily Activity Management Tools to help stay on track
• Activations to increase Engagement

Monthly Dietician visit will track and guide you best diet which helps to keep you fit, strong and healthy. Tracking of diet plan will give you motivation to to follow good diet and the difference can be visible very soon.

Monthly councelling to help you to solve your problems like personal, office stress, problem in family relationship, problem with neighbours, social growth.

Monthly Yoga and Exercise expert visit to will make you fit for your life. Best exercise tips to lady gents, pregnent lady, kids as per their age and physical status.