Smart Edu

Smart Edu is a unique product introduced by Nexteck, this product is the outcome of 10 years of studies in India and abroad with the aim of making the primary education system closer to the physical, mental, nutritional and motivational growth of children. During our study we found that some questions remained un-answered

1. How important is your child’s health for better education?

2. How important is the emotional and mental growth of your child?

3. How important is the diet plan of your child?

4. How important is motivation for your child’s growth?

5. How important is a stress free environment for your child’s growth?

6. We look at share market statistics, have we ever thought of our child’s growth statistics?

Smart Edu is a unique product that is a combination of software applications and services. The product is a combination of a web and an android mobile application which helps parents track their child’s school activity and progress from anywhere. Parents can track their child’s school schedule and time table, class work, home work, exam schedule, report cards, health check reports, diet recommendations and counseling feedback. Timely counseling feedback allows parents help their child by bringing to light various factors that could be affecting their child’s performance and motivation in school.

Services associated with Smart Edu will provide monthly visits by a Doctor, Dietician, Councilor and Motivator. Hence every week either one of them will visit school. These are well experienced, qualified professionals from reputed hospitals. Their activities are in turn monitored by senior experts in their fields from their respective organisations. If our contributors find any problem he/she will escalate to their seniors and free consultation will be provided by the senior experts to guide you with their recommendation for necessary action or treatment.